Applications to apply for a Death Certificate are provided in person or by mail after required documents and full payment has been received by the Consulate.

The normal processing time for Death Certificates is minimum 3 months after submission of a fully completed application with required documentation.
Any first degree family member can apply for the deceased’s Death Certificate.

Required Documents:

  • Australian Death Certificate authenticated by the Consulate (Authentication Process)
  • National ID card or Egyptian Passport of the deceased.
  • The Australian Death Certificate will need to be translated by the Consulate (fees $100)
  • Application fee: AUD $90.00
    • Payment in Cash if lodging application in person
    • Payment by Australia Post money order or bank check (personal/business checks are not accepted), and must be payable to the “Consulate General of Egypt”.

Applications may be lodged:

  • In-person during Consulate walk-in hours of 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM Monday to Friday
  • By mail:
    • Applicants in New South Wales, Queensland, or Northern Territory are directed to mail their required documents, payment, and self-addressed prepaid registered envelope.
    • The Consulate will mail back your original documents and the application form using the above-mentioned prepaid envelope.
    • Complete the application form and sign it in front of a public notary.
    • Mail the completed application form using a registered envelope to our postal address: GPO BOX 1258, Sydney NSW 2001